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Colorado /

"Lightning Talks"

Rally Software 1550 Wynkoop , Denver, CO (map)

6 pm : Lightning Talks

7 pm: Dinner and Networking

7:30 pm: Lightning Talks

If it's April, it can only mean one thing: it's time for our annual Lightning Talks meeting -- tasty little bite-sized presentations given by YOU!

Lightning talks are 10 minutes long, and meant to be a low-stress way for you to get up on stage and polish up those presentation skills of yours. Talk about what you're doing at work. Talk about what you're doing at night to keep you sane at work. Talk about what you wish you could be working on in a perfect world. We can hardly wait to hear what you've got to say!

If there's a cool new Javascript library out there that you love, here's your chance to tell us about it. If you're using a hot new CSS3 technique, here's your chance to enlighten us. If there's a new HTML5 element that we should be using, here's your chance to show us how you're using it in your application.

To start your inevitable rise to Lightning Talk Fame and Fortune, just send your talk title and a quick paragraph describing what you plan to cover to me -- [masked].

"Adaptive Web Design in Three Popular LAMP CMSes" by Tom Hartung

I would like to present the work I have been doing lately, with using device detection to determine whether the user is on a phone, tablet, or desktop browser.  I have been adding this capability to the three LAMP CMSes, Wordpress, Joomla, and Drupal (both 7 and 8).  The code uses options set by the administrator to customize the markup, specifically the headings and menus, for each type of device.  The options also determine whether to include jQuery Mobile, adding it and HTML5 data attributes as appropriate, to the markup sent in the response to the target device.

"Nintendo Gameboy emulator on a Raspberry Pi" by Jeff Stephens

A Chrome Extension watches a chatroom for new commands, passes them to a local web server which calls a local Linux utility to execute keyboard commands in the emulator window. The game video is shared via Chrome's Screen Sharing feature and streamed over a videoconferencing platform using WebRTC and written in Angular 1 (which is the product I work on during my day job).

"Angular, The Game Engine?" by Stuart Urback

Often when we think of building web-games we imagine using a unity plug-in, canvas, or using some sort of "game engine" to render a 2d or 3d game in a window.  But systems like Angular that allow for easy management of states and routes can duplicate its own sort of game engine/methodology.  I've used this to create my own game "Actor Battle" and will go through how I created a game loop and rendered the results in angular.


"Theming Bootstrap with Bootswatch" by Geoff Filippi

We all want mobile first responsive web apps that are battle hardened, but no one wants their app to "look like bootstrap". We will discuss how to get all of the advantages of bootstrap, with a solid customization workflow that scales to a large team. Bootswatch is a well thought out Bootstrap customization utility that gets you going quickly without compromises.

"Intro to Elm" by Kurt Harriger

"Intro to GraphQL" by Colin McCann

"Generic Web-Mapping With An Ontology Based Data Model" by Justin Lewis

GeoPrism is a web-based data management, analysis, and visualization solution being actively developed by TerraFrame and used by customers around the world. At the heart of the platform lies a data engine (RunwaySDK) that models data as ontologies therefore empowering the ability to turn messy and/or incomplete data into visualization and analysis products. This talk will focus on a high level overview of what ontologies are, how they are used to model data, how RunwaySDK helps simplify front-end development, and an intro to one of the open source generic visualization layers we are developing to provide customers with powerful data solutions.


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