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Colorado /

Matt Lacuesta - Director of Earned & Owned Media at Location3

Galvanize 1062 Delaware Street , Denver, CO 80204 (map)

There are hundreds of things that affect organic online visibility and sometimes people who aren’t SEOs don’t realize that their work directly impacts SEO. You’ll learn about the things that go into improving online visibility from a developer, UX, copywriting, marketing, and business owner perspective.

We’ll answer questions like:

- “Why is this SEO talking to me about JavaScript?”

- “What does my work have anything to do with SEO?”

- “SEO is just keywords, right?”

- “Why is this SEO an idiot?”

We’ll touch briefly on the foundational elements of SEO and how it impacts online visibility. Then we’ll go further into where organic search is today and how SEO impacts things from a local, mobile and voice search perspectives. There will be time for Q&A to ask any questions regarding topics brought up in the presentation and Matt will be available afterwards to answer any questions you may have about projects you may be working on or your business.

About Matt

Matt Lacuesta is the Director of Earned & Owned Media at Location3 here in Denver. With over a decade of experience driving growth for organic search campaigns through SEO (Search Engine Optimization) he’s worked with businesses ranging from locally owned businesses to fortune 50 companies with locations around the world. He speaks at conferences locally and around the country in hopes to share actionable information that people can use to make their jobs easier.


6:30PM - Drinks & Camaraderie

7:00PM - Talk


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