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How to achieve increased worker safety and productivity with IoT

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Achieving worker safety and new levels of operational performance are some of the biggest concerns of organizations today. Enterprises are looking for new ways to provide a safe work environment and that’s exactly what we are going to cover in this webinar.

The convergence of global industrial systems with wearables and low-cost sensors not only connect machinery but also field workers including mine workers, fire fighters and construction workers with a centralized system. The webinar will help you explore smart, innovative solutions to ensure industrial workplace safety by providing time visibility of your workers’ environment and safety conditions across different remote operational scenarios. In all, if you want to explore new solutions to reduce risk for workers and prevent accidents or injuries from occurring onsite, then you must attend this webinar.

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  • Impact of digital transformation and the opportunities it brings
  • Major risk factors for workers
  • How current mindsets need to change to further digital transformation where safety is concerned
  • What are the technology enablers that leading companies use today
  • Real-world connected worker use cases to improve safety
  • What steps you can take to get started
  • Q&A

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455 Tushar Soni


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