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The Denver Drupal Meetup

Open Media Foundation 700 Kalamath , Denver, CO 80204 (map)

This month Michael Hess of Drupal's security and infrastructure teams will be discussing the 3 phases being used to deploy GitLab on

Phase 1 - Replacing's Git backend:

* Transparently replace Drupal’s current underlying Git infrastructure (for repository hosting, maintainer permissions, code viewing) with GitLab repositories, GitLab roles and permissions for maintainers, and the GitLab code viewing UI.

* Enable inline code editing (only for maintainers for this phase).

* During this phase, will remain the primary source of information. SSH keys, new projects, etc. will be created on

This first phase, while modest, will bring some concrete benefits to the project:

* Maintainers will be able to begin familiarizing themselves with GitLab's code collaboration

* Code viewing will receive a significant upgrade from CGIT to GitLab's built-in code viewer.

* And's old Git server will be phased out.

Phase 2 - Enabling Merge Requests, Inline Code Editing, and Web-based Code Review:

* The timeline for Phase 2 is dependent on GitLab’s resolution of a diskspace deduplication issue, which they have committed to on our behalf:

* Enable GitLab Merge Requests, GitLab inline code editing in the web UI, and GitLab web-based code review.

* During this phase, will handle any 'create branch/merge request' integrations from the Issue queues, and related call-backs from GitLab into the issue comment stream.

Phase 2 is where we realize some tremendous benefits to developer velocity and collaboration:

* By adding merge requests, contributing to Drupal will become much more familiar to the broad audience of open source contributors who learned their skills in the post-patch era.

* By adding inline editing and web-based code review, it will be much easier to make quick contributions. This not only lowers the barrier to contribution for people new to our community, it also saves significant effort for our existing community members, as they'll no longer need to clone work locally and generate patches.

* Finally, by creating a tight integration between the issue queues and GitLab's development tools, we'll be able to transition to this new toolset without disrupting the community's existing way of collaborating.

Lastly, phase 3 is moving more services over to GitLab; such as testing, packing, signing, etc. This phase is still in the process of being defined.

Participants will have input and be able to ask questions about how this flow will affect their workflow.


Pizza and socializing starts at 6:30 p.m. Discussion and presentations start at 7. Prior to the meetup at 5:30, we'll get together for a happy hour at the Intrepid Sojourner brewing one block from the venue.

Sign up here and on the page: The meet-up will take place at Open Media Foundation, just south of Downtown Denver. 700 Kalamath St. Denver, CO 80204 (,-105.000072&spn=0.008284,0.019312&z=16). Add a comment if you have a question or want to share something! Pizza and Drinks will be provided by Aten Design Group (


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