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Colorado /

We can no longer find the linked resource for this event. It may have been canceled or the linked website may be experiencing problems.

Penetration testing workshop

John Hoopes will be teaching a series of classes on professional

penetration testing. We'll be covering scoping, contracting,

penetration testing, and reporting. You won't be ready to take on

professional assignments, but you'll have a pretty good idea of what a

day in the life of a small contracting company pentester might look

like. Note that this is supposed to be a workshop. Please have access

to a Kali Linux VM. If you don't know how to do this, contact John

ahead of time for a prep session.

Here is a very tentative overview of the session contents. Note that

these are very subject to change. And yes there is far more content

than we could possibly cover in 12 total hours. Please come with

request. I expect to be staying "after" the official time to cover

whatever questions come up.

4. Advanced Testing

- Pivoting

- Looking for data

- Wireless?

- Reporting

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