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Samuel Schlesinger, CEO of Shard: Building Tech Products For Your Business

Galvanize 1062 Delaware Street , Denver, CO 80204 (map)

Most modern businesses have a tech platform at their core that drives sales or helps employees stay on top of their game. But building a new tech product is hard — whether you’re building a new internal tool for an existing enterprise, or you’re launching a disruptive new business alongside the product itself — especially if you’re not a tech person at heart. How do you justify the monthly spend or initial investment, and how do you know if your money is going to the right place and your most valuable features? This session will introduce the different phases of building a tech product — from its conception and design, through development, maintenance, and growth — and will help you set expectations from both financing and timing perspectives. For founders of all backgrounds!

Samuel Schlesinger, CEO & Founder @ Shard, LLC

I run Shard, a boutique, local tech company. We’re a full-service web development shop, which means that we build scalable, high-performance cloud platforms for our clients — which range from mid-sized startups to massive, multi-national enterprises. Our largest local customer is KPMG, one of the Big Four auditing firms.

I talk with founders & industry leaders every day who want to know more about how they can build custom, complex web platforms in their specific industry. They often ask about which technologies are the best fit for their product, whether they should leverage the cloud or repurpose existing on-premise infrastructure, and how they should start structuring their development budgets and timetables.


6:30PM - Drinks & Camaraderie

7:00PM - Talk


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