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Tech, design and entrepreneurship meetups, user-groups and clubs active in Cleveland, OH

Make on the Lake

Let’s get together and *make* stuff. Make on the Lake wants anyone who is creating and learning -- hobbyists, makers, hackers, students, engineers, others. We play with Arduinos, 3d printers,.. (more)

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Cleveland Java Meetup

Meet other local Java developers to talk about code, architecture, and innovation. Both beginners and pros are welcome!

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Cleveland Python Interest Group

Group for people interested in the python programming language.

Cleveland Adobe User Group

The Cleveland Adobe User Group is a non-profit professional organization serving the needs of the Northeast Ohio's Internet community. Originally founded in 2004 as the Cleveland Macromedia User Group, the.. (more)

Cleveland JavaScript Meetup

It's time that Cleveland pulled together all the tech gurus playing around with JavaScript, ECMAScript, jQuery, Dojo, YUI, Sencha, CoffeeScript and much more, no matter whether on the server-side or.. (more)

Cleveland MongoDB Group

 Promoting the use of MongoDB - the premier document-oriented NoSQL database - among the Cleveland business and tech community!

Cleveland Big Data and Hadoop User Group

The Cleveland Big Data and Hadoop User Group is for those interested in using and discussing all technologies in the Hadoop family (HBase, HDFS, MapReduce, etc.), as well as other.. (more)

Cleveland CocoaHeads

The Cleveland chapter of CocoaHeads meets once a month for presentations and discussions of programming for the Mac, iPhone, and iPad.

Internet of things cleveland

Hey Cleveland! Ready for a tech revolution? Soon the new "Internet of Things" industry will change our lives by allowing us to connect, control and monitor "things"  with our smartphones... (more)

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Cleveland Digital Publishing User Group

The Cleveland Digital Publishing Users Group (CDPUG) helps the area's top graphics and publishing professionals with education, news, technical support, networking and professional development. We accomplish this through monthly meetings,.. (more)

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Web SIG Cleveland

The Web SIG Cleveland is partnered jointly with the Cleveland Digital Publishing Users Group & the Greater Cleveland PC Users Group.

Email Notices: The SIG uses the Yahoo! Group.. (more)

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This meetup is for users of vim and those who'd like to use vim. Vim is a cross-platform text editor that focuses on speed and efficiency of editing text. It's.. (more)

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Greater Cleveland PC Users Group

Founded in 1982, the Greater Cleveland PC Users Group (GCPCUG) has been recognized as one of the top users groups in the country. There are many benefits for members. For.. (more)

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Cleveland C#/VB.NET Special Interest Group

The C#/VB.Net SIG (Special Interest Group) is a non-profit, volunteer based organization aimed at helping all levels of computer users, ranging from hobbyists to consultants. The objective of the SIG.. (more)

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Cleveland WPF User Group

The Cleveland WPF User Group is devoted to Windows Presentation Foundation and Silverlight technologies.  The meetings are held every 3rd Tuesday discussing a variety of topics related to WPF and Silverlight. .. (more)

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Cleveland Lean Startup Circle

We bring like-minded people here in Cleveland together to share lessons and knowledge on how Lean Startup, Lean UX, & Design Thinking can help you develop a business idea or.. (more)

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Cleveland Web Design and Development meetup

Howdy Yens! Welcome to our meetup! We're here to help folks come together to learn about and discuss making the web, web pages, web programming, all that sorta thing. Membership.. (more)

Cleveland Game Developers

The Cleveland Game Developers is an open group of artists, developers, designers and musicians. We welcome everyone of any skill level interested in creating games or discussing them. We offer.. (more)

Cleveland Drupal User Group

For Drupal users, admins, developers, and the curious -- in Cleveland and Northeast Ohio. Come meet other users of the Drupal Content Management Framework to learn and share!

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Cleveland Agile Group

This group brings together those who are passionate about their craft and believe in the Agile Manifesto. We will focus on promoting and sharing Agile practices to improve our profession.. (more)

Cleveland Ruby Brigade

Meet other local Ruby/Ruby On Rails programmers as well as discuss and learn about both Ruby and Ruby On Rails.

Burning River Developers

A technology agnostic group of passionate software developers learning new things by being exposed to a wide array of software related topics.

Augmented Reality & Human-Computer Design Group

We're bringing the next wave of human-computer interactions to Cleveland. Augmented Reality, Wearable Computing, Google Glass & Location Based Services innovation discussions, designs, development, architecture, social networking. Investigating design, development.. (more)

Cleveland Makers Alliance

The Makers Alliance is Cleveland's Hackerspace. We exist to bring hands-on technology and art to members and the general public, through workshops, talks, and shop space. We are a collective.. (more)

Rosetta Tech Talks

The goal of Rosetta Tech Talks is to share knowledge and encourage collaboration among technology professionals in the Cleveland community. 

We host a variety of talks throughout the year and.. (more)

Akron Canton SQL User Group

This group is open to any topic about Microsoft SQL Server. 
Our goals are to share knowledge, present new technologies, discuss and socialize. All skill levels are welcome.

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Cleveland Machine Intelligence

We meet sat mornings to talk about the AI / ML / CS classes we're taking

Hudson Software Craftsmanship

What we're about

This group is for anybody looking to network, learn, and practice getting better at writing quality software. Our group usually has some short presentations and discussion, pizza.. (more)

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Ohio Mobile Developers (Oh-Mo-Dev)

This meetup pushes mobile development to its limits. No prior experience required to attend and all platforms are welcome. Learn from industry professionals, successful indie devs and people like you,.. (more)

Content Strategy: Cleveland

A group for people who care about planning, creating, delivering and maintaining great content for the web.

All friends of content strategy are welcome- join us to for free, bimonthly events.. (more)

TechLife NEO

The focus of this meetup group to accelerate the pace of getting to know really cool tech people in town. Join now and get the insider invites to our get.. (more)

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Cleveland Web Development Meetup

My 2 friends Rob and Sam including myself have some interesting ideas we want to bring to live. I have little programming experience, but I am learning by the day... (more)

Cleveland Node.js User Group

Node.js is hot and heavy. Come meet with other Node.js enthusiasts and see how server-side JavaScript is not only new but a very powerful way to develop. We will also.. (more)

Cleveland IT Security, Big Data Professionals Meetup Group

Hurricane Labs has several information security events throughout the year. These events include Splunk User Groups, Webinars, Conferences, lunch and learns, and more. Join us for networking, learning, and keeping.. (more)


Cleveland Area DevOps Interest Group

Cleveland Area Home Automation and Hacking

This is a group for anyone interested in home automation and hacking using open technologies.

Cleveland Civic Hacking

The Cleveland Civic Hacking group organizes citizens, software developers, designers and entrepreneurs to collaboratively build solutions to solve challenges in and work toward the betterment of Cleveland and Northeast Ohio.

Collaborate.. (more)

Cleveland Mobile Developers #modevcle

Just a group of folks in the Cleveland area that are passionate about every aspect of mobile development across all platforms. We tend to write a lot of code in.. (more)

Greater Cleveland R Group

"R is a free software environment for statistical computing and graphics" - The R Project

This group is designed for novice to expert R users to share tips, ideas, and experiences. .. (more)

DXY Events

DXY is a design and technology consultancy. We create thoughtfully innovative products that inspire, empower, and expand our collective human experience. Our background is mobile—we’ve been building apps since 2006—however.. (more)

We Can Code It

Girls and women think and learn differently. We teach technology without the egos and attitudes, customizing it to female interests and learning styles.

Whether you are just starting out, a.. (more)

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Cleveland Bitcoin

This group is dedicated to exploring digital currencies, such as Bitcoin. We discuss their relationship to the Cleveland economy, global commerce, personal finance, techno-politics, innovation, entrepreneurship, and much, much more... (more)

Kent Tech Meetup

Welcome to Kent Tech Meetup. Our goal is to help you connect with the right people. Come to our monthly event and meet with other tech enthusiasts and professionals from.. (more)

Cleveland WordPress Meetup

A group for those with a passion to use and develop inside of the WordPress system in the Cleveland Area. I created this group to meet other WordPress enthusiasts and.. (more)

Joomla!® User Group North East Ohio

Come and meet people that share your passion for Joomla!

We are a group of users, designers, developers, and administrators that deal with Joomla! on a regular basis, and we.. (more)

Northeast Ohio FileMaker Pro User Group

A FileMaker Pro User Group , FileMaker Northeast Ohio is a place for FM devs to get together, swap war stories, and learn from each other. Meetings sometimes feature guest.. (more)

Charged Conversation

A group initially started by Martin Lorton (Mjlorton on YouTube) and Chris Gammell (of, this is a group dedicated to electronics enthusiasts in Cleveland. A group that gets together.. (more)

Cleveland Scalawags

This group is for people who enjoy or want to know more about programming in Scala. Along the way, we'll also touch on other functional language such as Haskell, Clojure,.. (more)

The CLE Internet Marketing Meetup Group

We are a group dedicated to giving professionals the opportunity to improve their Online Marketing efforts through networking, collaboration, and expert coaching. If you can devote 3 hours a month.. (more)

Northern Ohio Testers In Collaborative Engagement

This is a group for software testers in the Cleveland area. Information about meetings will come in the near future. Until then, we will use this page to share ideas.. (more)

Northeast Ohio Magento User Group

Let's talk Magento! This meetup is for Magento enthusiasts. Whether you're a beginner in Magento and want to learn more, or whether you're a Magento veteran with years of experience,.. (more)

CompTIA IT Professionals Akron Chapter

The Akron-Canton Chapter of CompTIA/AITP is an IT Professional Association focusing on Education, Networking and Leadership Building for its members and friends. We are technology agnostic and believe in delivering.. (more)

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Greater Cleveland PC Users Group (GCPCUG)

Founded in 1982, the Greater Cleveland PC Users Group (GCPCUG) has been recognized as one of the top users groups in the country. For information on upcoming meetings, click the .. (more)

The Northeast Ohio ISSA Security Meetup Group

The Information Systems Security Association (ISSA)® is a not-for-profit, international organization of information security professionals and practitioners. It provides educational forums, publications and peer interaction opportunities that enhance the.. (more)

OWASP Cleveland

OWASP Foundation (Overview Slides) is a professional association of global members and is open to anyone interested in learning more about software security. Local chapters are run independently.. (more)

Ohio North SQL Server User Group

The Ohio North SQL Server Users Group provides free training to professionals wishing to enhance their knowledge of SQL Server.  The training provided is in 1-hour sessions, ranging in complexity.. (more)

NEO WordPress Meetup

The NEO WordPress Meetup is a gathering of folks from all over northeast Ohio who share an interest in WordPress, Website Hosting and Design, as well as the latest trending.. (more)

Northeast Ohio Oracle Users Group (NEOOUG)

The Northeast Ohio Oracle Users Group (NEOOUG) was established in 1989 to foster information exchange amoung the user community concerning the implementation and operation of software products provided by or.. (more)

Open Cleveland

Open Cleveland

We are a Code for America Brigade, which means we're volunteers that contribute our talents toward improving the way our local governments and community organizations use the.. (more)

Cleveland Linux User Group

To network GNU/Linux users. Ubuntu? Fedora? openSUSE? You name it, we'll probably be discussing it. 

If you're a Linux user, server admin (or anything else that involves) Linux you are welcome!

The Cleveland MySQL Meetup

Meet nearby MySQL Users for conversation and fun! Come to a local MySQL Meetup to talk about the world's most popular open source database, get great tips and share new.. (more)

Cleveland Android Group

We're here to share new ideas, discuss the state of all things in the Android space, and share some code!