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Cleveland, OH /

DevOpsCLE - Let’s Reboot and Reorganize!

Inedo 56 Front St , Berea, oh 44017 (map)

DevOpsCLE is finally rebooting!

In this meeting, we’ll review the reboot plan, the group vision, and discuss how we can work together to build this community. If you have any interest in...

* Speaking at a future event about technology or culture

* Assisting in organizing or administering the group

* Participating as regular attendee

... you should attend this meeting. It will be casual, around a conference table, and the conversation will be facilitated so everyone can share their ideas and insights.

Of course, we’ll inevitably talk about some DevOps things, but this is really a meta-meeting, and the goals will be to…

* Finalize the theme and values of the group

* Establish co-organizers roles and responsibilities

* Schedule the first three meetings

With your help, we can grow this community and help more organizations and engineers in Cleveland learn about DevOps. Eventually, I’d love to see this group host a DevOpsDays event in Cleveland.

After the meeting, we can head next door to Cornerstone Brewery for food and beer.

## What is DevOps CLE All About? ##

This is a draft of the value/theme of the group, and what we will we discussing at the meeting.

- DevOps is Community -

Like many advancements in business and technology, DevOps did not emerge from academic research nor was it developed by a consultancy.

DevOps is defined, advanced, and promoted by the practitioners who self-organize in groups like DevOps CLE. We are the community, or more accurately, one of the many DevOps communities around the world. There is no central governing authority, and thus it’s on us to drive and be driven by DevOps around the world.

DevOps CLE will remain a community but will have some structure and organization to keep the community alive and thrive. We will welcome all participants and give everyone the opportunity to contribute in a way that benefits everyone.

- DevOps is Technology and Culture Change -

Everyone says it, because it always needs to be said. Engineers who think that phrases like “DevOps is really about cultural change” are cliché and meaningless are exactly who this message is for. They don’t understand it, they don’t want to understand it, and they’re the ones holding the organization back from change. They simply create a third and even more dysfunctional organizational silo called “DevOps”.

DevOps CLE will focus on both culture and technology change, and we will encourage each event to feature content that caters to both. This may mean two topics from two speakers, or a talk that speaks to both.

- DevOps is Diversity-

Many technology communities think of diversity in terms of ethnicity, race, sexuality, religion, and age. Those are important, but DevOps CLE needs to think beyond this.

DevOps is not an elite mode of working, reserved only for the best, brightest, and most talented engineers. It is an organizational practice, and organizations are built with lots of people with lots of diverse backgrounds. We must focus on adapting DevOps for everyone, which means being inclusive of different personalities, skillsets, experiences, learning modes, and communications styles.

DevOps CLE will seek the benefits of diversity of opinion, expertise, and experience while minimizing the divisions that come from intolerance, elitism, and self-promotion.

## About Me (Alex) ##

I’m the founder and CEO of Inedo, a publisher of automation tools popular in on-prem & Windows shops, and I have a lot of experience in implementing DevOps in organizations of all sizes. I’ve also organized a variety of events and communities, including MeetUp groups and conferences.

I’m passionate about both DevOps and my hometown of Cleveland, and I wanted to bring these together with DevOps CLE. I know what it takes to build a successful community, and I’m committed to dedicating the time and resources to make it happen. I hope you can join me :)




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