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Cleveland, OH /

Cleveland Python User Group - Jupyter & Zeppelin Notebooks, Module of the Month

LeanDog Boat 1151 North Marginal Road , Cleveland, OH 44114 (map)

Jupyter & Zeppelin Notebooks by Ian Zelikman

From Ian: "Using a notebook during code development has significantly increased our efficiency and created new workflows that we all use daily .

Jupyter is a very popular notebook solution in the Python community, however there are also other alternatives such as Zeppelin. This year our team transitioned into performing more development with (Apache) Spark engine, and I explored different notebooks. I was interested in finding a tool that would help us develop and experiment with Python code in Spark.

In this talk we will discuss the two main notebook alternatives: Jupyter and Zeppelin with an emphasis on their usage for working with Spark."


An Introduction to Wagtail by Vince Salvino


Module of the Month: Tenacity by Dave T.

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