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Cleveland, OH /

Learn React Workshop

We Can Code IT at StartMart 50 Public Square , Cleveland, OH (map)

Join We Can Code IT for a 3-Day Learn React Workshop!


Why learn React?

- React’s popularity has skyrocketed recently. As a result, employers are looking for devs experienced with it.

- The 2018 StackOverflow Developer survey found React to be one of the most loved technologies.

- React’s component-based architecture greatly simplifies the development of user interfaces.

During this "Crash Course" you will learn:

- How to build single page apps using React.

- The basics of using Node and npm.

- How to write modern JavaScript that takes advantage of the latest ES features.

- How to think about user interfaces as a tree of components with unidirectional data flow.

This training is targeted at developers with some prior JavaScript experience. Experience with ES2015, Node and React is not necessary. Novice or amateur developers are welcome to attend and pair with a more experienced developer.

There is a $98 charge for the class. Bring a non-developer friend that’s interested in learning with you and it’s $49 per person. *

* If you enroll in one of our January 2019 bootcamp courses, the amount paid for this workshop will be applied to your tuition.

Registration before the event is required.


Class Overview

This class is broken up into three days. Each day is from 9:30 AM - 3:30 PM with an hour lunch break.

Day 1: Monday, December 17 - Modern JavaScript

- Learn the latest ES syntax and how you can start using it today.

- Node: JavaScript outside the browser.

- Learn to use npm, the world’s largest software registry.

Day 2: Tuesday, December 18 - Getting started with React

- Thinking in components

- Unidirectional data flow

- Props and State

- Stateful and Stateless Components

Day 3: Wednesday, December 19 - Let’s build something!

- Work in pairs to create a meme generator.


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