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Cleveland, OH /

Lunch + Learn: Problems Not Products

LaunchHouse 675 Alpha Park, Suite K , Highland Heights, OH (map)

Customers don't buy products. They buy solutions to problems. But how do you find the customers who have the problem you're solving? Or back that up a few steps further - what problem are you solving? And for whom are you solving it? And why do they want that problem solved? And what have they been doing to solve that problem? And why isn't it working?

Doan has executed this in his own ventures and has helped build a curriculum around this approach that students around the world are using to learn entrepreneurship by practicing entrepreneurship. He will lead you through an exploration of these kinds of questions, which any company should be consistently answering. A startup needs to answer these questions before launching, and after launch, and then again tomorrow. A large corporation needs to answer these questions to explore new product development and to update existing product features and branding, and more.


Doan Winkel


As the John J. Kahl, Sr. Chair in Entrepreneurship and Director of The Edward M. Muldoon Center for Entrepreneurship at John Carroll University, Doan is developing the next frontier in university-based entrepreneurship curriculum and programming. Doan co-founded, an experiential entrepreneurship curriculum being used by university students around the world. He is the founder and director of the Entrepreneurship Education Project, which gathers data from nearly 20,000 college students from 400+ universities across 70+ countries to better understand how to teach entrepreneurship. He founded the McLean County Unit 5's Innovative Entrepreneurs experiential high school class to offer students the chance to experience what entrepreneurship looks and feels like. Doan co-founded to help young people discover and pursue their passion as a career path. While serving on the Board of Directors of the United States Association for Small Business and Entrepreneurship, Doan builds programming to give entrepreneurship educators tools to turn their classrooms into experiences.

Key takeaways:

- A specific strategy & tool to help you identify exactly where to find your early adopters

- A specific strategy & tool to help you plan and execute powerful customer interviews

- Tools to SCALE your customer segments

How you can reach him:

Twitter: @trep_ed Facebook:


Incubator / Accelerator



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