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Cleveland, OH /

Cleveland Python User Group Meeting

LeanDog Boat 1151 North Marginal Road , Cleveland, OH 44114 (map)

Exploration of Neural-Gestural Interfaces for the Control of Robots - by Rebecca Oet, Melissa Kazazic

This project aims to use gestures & neural feedback to create a natural communication between the user and a robot. The gestural data is processed by the Myo armband; the neural data (user’s concentration level) is processed by the Emotiv headset. Combined, this data directs the robot’s movement.

We’ll discuss:

- Background on neural interfaces, gestural interfaces, and robots

- Overview of technology used in the project: Emotiv headset, Myo Band, Raspberry Pi

- Python scripts

- Applications and future directions


Module of the Month: pybleno - by Gary Johnson


Talk 2: Open

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