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Cleveland, OH /

Getting Started with Spring Boot 2.0

Tech Elevator 7100 Euclid Ave., Suite 140 , Cleveland, OH (map)

Tech Elevator will host Dan Vega, who will present Getting Started with Spring Boot 2.0.

Dan writes:

In this presentation, we are going to discuss how to get started with Spring Boot 2.0. We are going to do this by giving you a quick introduction to the Spring Framework and take a look at what’s new in Spring Framework 5. The Spring Framework is the standard for building enterprise class applications in Java. If you’re a Java developer looking to expand your skill set, this is a great place to get started.

Building Spring Framework applications used to be confusing and complex. It felt like at times you needed a masters degree in Spring just to spin up a new web application. Thanks to Spring Boot, those days are long gone. Spring Boot takes an opinionated view of building production-ready Spring applications. Did I mention that you can create these applications in minutes and not days? Thanks to a convention over configuration approach, we can quickly get up and running with all types of applications.

With the new releases of Spring Framework 5 & Spring Boot 2.0, there are a lot of new features to talk about. We simply can’t cover them all in this presentation, but I do want to talk at a high level about some of my favorite new features. At the end of this presentation, you will have a good idea of what Spring Boot 2.0 is and how to get started. The fun doesn’t end here though, as I will leave you with some resources and next steps to dive even further into building real-world applications with Spring Boot 2.0.

Intended Audience:

If you are brand new to the Spring Framework or Spring Boot this presentation is for you. I also believe that if you have only been working with Spring for a short period, you can get a lot out of this talk. While we are going to look at some of the basics, I am also going to discuss what’s new in Spring Framework 5 and Spring Boot 2. If you are a seasoned vet with Spring, this might be a little slow for you, but if you can pick up one new thing in this talk it’s totally worth it.


The only requirement for this presentation is that you have an intermediate understanding of the Java programming language. All of the examples we are going to look at are in Java so an understanding of the language is a must.


Hi, I’m Dan Vega. I am a Software Engineer living just outside of one of my favorite places in the world, Cleveland, Ohio. I am a self-taught programmer who firmly believes that you can accomplish anything in this life if you put your mind to it, roll up your sleeves and are willing to put in the work.

I have been writing software for over 18+ years now and I use my knowledge, passion, and influence to help other developers achieve their goals. I teach online and currently have over 35,000 students.

When I am not writing software I have a number of things that really keep me busy. I love to read books, listen to podcasts and watch online courses. I have a real thirst for knowledge and it consumes me every single day of the week. I also love to run and lift heavy weights which keeps me balanced throughout the week.


Tech Elevator is located inside the Baker Electric Building, Suite 140. Free parking is available in the gated lot behind (south side) the building, accessible from East 71st Street. There is also a Health Line stop directly in front of the building at the corner of East 71st and Euclid Ave. Entrance is at the back of the building.


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