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Charlotte, NC /

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Crowd sources production, selection and promotion of ads

Most ads today are boring, cliché or corny. Brands pay substantial sums for videos meant to engage consumers, but which instead often create brand turn-off. We at Womadz realize that there is a vast untapped pool of tremendous talent more in touch with consumer tastes than mega ad agencies: the public. With their help, we endeavor to transform and improve the advertising model.

Womadz is an improved tool for sourcing and spreading original, popular ad content because it connects consumers and creative members of the public with brands and engages them in the process of producing, selecting and promoting original ads in a way that is both entertaining and rewarding. Womadz affords its creative members the opportunity to showcase their talent in circles that matter, earn recognition with brand executives and accrue serious cash. To the rest of its community, Womadz provides an environment full of entertaining videos, and it enables users to earn money by helping select and share the best of those videos. 

People love expressing their creativity, sharing entertaining videos and voting on content they enjoy. Womadz not only delivers a platform that empowers its users to do those things, but it rewards them for it.