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Charlotte, NC /


A Local Community Volunteer Incentive Platform

  • Founded: 2013
  • Employees: 2
  • Funding: Volcally will begin seeking out first round funding soon.
  • Phone: 704-951-7890
  • Email:
  • 208x110 Address:

    305 W. Morehead St., Charlotte, NC 28202


Local Not-for-profits and charitable organizations often rely heavily on local community volunteers in order to fulfill their mission.  Unfortunately, there's no good way to go about recruiting volunteers, and there's no good way for volunteers to quickly see opportunities to help.  Volcally is a platform that incentivizes members of a local community to volunteer their time through rewarding them with discounts and gift cards to local businesses.  The result is an energetic, connected community of volunteers, a super-charged local economy, and most importantly, a strengthened network of local charities that are enabled to make a bigger impact on society with their work.

Volcally was officially launched on October 1st, 2013 in Charlotte, NC by Adam C Young and Jody Dawson.  The concept of Volcally came from Adam's recognition of a major pain point for a local charity organization he volunteered for.  The organization was really struggling to identity and recruit volunteers to help them do more so that they could meet their mission of helping people around Charlotte that suffer from chronic illnesses.  The Volcally concept was formalized soon after by Adam Young and Jody Dawson in a joint effort and commitment to fix the problem and make a difference.