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Charlotte, NC /


Where Advertisers bid on your Online 'Web Footprint!

  • Founded: 2014
  • Employees: 7
  • Funding: platform development has been self-funded
  • Phone: 7049992718
  • Email:
  • 208x110 Address:

    721 Govenor Morrison St.
    Charlotte, NC 28211


Loudbounce is simple and straightforward.

Online advertisers i.e. Merchants, retailers and manufacturers upload their product attributes, imagery and offerings to our cloud CRM/ERP ‘Cloud Catalogue’.

Social users subscribe to our social commerce network, CARTfm to select the brands and products they wish to populate their ‘online footprint,’ or portions thereof with the product attributes, offerings and imagery of online advertisers to capture advertising fees, and create an online business without cost, inventory or proprietary content while providing merchants and retailer’s superior demographic and behavioral intelligence needed to communicate new and relevant products to narrow prospect groups with greater reach and lower cost to acquire customers.

Advertising fees are passed seamlessly from merchant to CARTfm user. Advertising fees vary per user and rates are determined by the user’s score rate. Score rates reflect multiple data points including footprint size, footprint demographics, demographic homogeneity, CARTfm user reliability and commitment.

Loudbounce redefines a user’s online footprint as a highly valuable engaged audience or ‘micro-network,’ that can be monetized into a business or an entertaining and profitable side project for the user.

In contrast to other social commerce companies, CARTfm users do not receive commissions for products sold. CARTfm users function as publishers by disseminating the product and brand messaging from advertisers.

According to Forrester Research 94% of individuals who inquire online about starting an online business do not have proprietary content or inventory, or have the time and inclination to source inventory or create content, yet the eCommerce platform category still is a $6B category.

Loudbounce leapfrogs the centralized online networks that dominate today's ecommerce landscape by providing online social users an intuitive platform to capture advertising fees just like Facebook or Google.

This simplifies the merchandising and marketing process for advertisers and delivers superior demographic and behavioral data needed to maximize ROI, drive sales and improve lead conversion by enabling markets to target these sought after narrow prospect groups such as personal social pages, niche-marketplaces and vertical web-properties.


The vast majority of advertising opportunities offered by major networks are PPC or version thereof; fees are calculated by (Pay-per-click ($) = Advertising cost ($) ÷ Ads clicked (#). 

This advertising strategy is abandon by over 80% of small businesses, because satisfactory ROI is unattainable due to poor target demographic specificity, transparency and prohibitive cost.

Loudbounce bundles the micro-networks of users online ‘footprints,’ creating a larger network with superior demographic & behavioral visibility.

So soccer moms, students and the like, the promise of profiting off the internet may now be within reach.