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Charlotte, NC /

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Cloud based software for investment banking and private equity

  • Phone: 704-248-5659
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  • 208x110 Address:

    222 South Church Street, Suite 203,
    Charlotte, NC 28202

DealCloud was formed in 2010 by a passionate team with deep experience in the investment banking, private equity, and enterprise software industries to bring technology-enabled efficiency to the M&A and capital raising processes.

The DealCloud story begins in 2007. When Charlotte-based Private Equity Firm Falfurrias Capital (FCP) evaluated software solutions to manage its deal sourcing, portfolio company management, and fundraising processes, they were surprised by the lack of industry-specific solutions available to the private equity and investment banking market. Rather than trying to retrofit a generic CRM system built for selling widgets, Falfurrias started from scratch and built a proprietary solution that addressed the specific needs of private equity professionals. Over the next 4 years, this platform evolved and became the backbone of FCP’s daily operations. But with the rising popularity of social and mobile computing and the disruptive trends impacting the information services industry, the team realized that an interactive web-based platform that supports the broader industry in real time would be the easiest and most efficient way to proceed.

On nights and weekends the DealCloud Co-Founders began to design what this real-time networking, information resource and dealflow platform should look like. DealCloud was formally incorporated (as an entity not affiliated with or owned by Falfurrias) and assembled a development team. The vision was to introduce an interactive platform with feature rich software that made the process of marketing, selling, and investing in private companies easier and more efficient. The platform had to be secure and confidentiality needed to be accounted for in the exact same way it is handled in the market today. After months of design and development, DealCloud’s namesake platform was released in Q4 2011.