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Charlotte, NC /

June CHUG: CHS - Microsoft HDI as a Big Data and Interoperability Platform

1616 Camden, 3rd Floor 1616 Camden Road , Charlotte, NC (map)

Discussion Summary:

LInK - Microsoft HDI as a Big Data and Interoperability Platform to Drive Point of Care Decisions in Oncology at Levine Cancer Institute (LCI)

Learn how a small team of 3-4 technology and subject matter experts developed an Azure HDInsight solution.  The solution captures genomics data for solid tumors, summary data from third party and various internal sources, and does genomic Clinical Trial matching. This was done strictly using the Azure cloud and interactions with cloud-based Office 365 SharePoint web applications utilizing only batch scripting, Hive, and Sqoop. HD Insights is the data munching layer and SharePoint is the user access layer.

The process was stood up in a 6-8 week period, while doing our day jobs. The business benefit is to enable providers, at the point of care, to suggest clinical trials for oncology patients based on genomic matches (Molecular Tumor Board).  This has increased participation rates in clinical trials with the goal to improve the survival rates and quality of life for patients. The success of this project has spread to capturing local home grown registries in data silos to share with other like-minded providers within Levine Cancer Institute.

Speaker Bio: Victoria Morris

"I have  a degree in theatre acting - so naturally, I went into Software development. For a number of years - when you scratched a lottery ticket and saw $10,000+ $10,000 + Lemon - That was me doing that to you. I got head-hunted to the Northwest Company - A General Retailer using Retek and I learned Retail from SKU level scale to general ledger entry. I then had my own consulting company which I was terrible at - we never had trouble finding work - just getting paid. I then went on the work at CancerCare Manitoba where I got fully immersed in Electronic Health Records and the HealthCare arena. I got so good at breaking ARIA - that I went to work for Varian Medical Systems to break their software professionally. But when an opportunity came up to put in a new Emergency Department on Vancouver Island - I had to take it - (My mother would have killed me). I finished that project and got offered a dream job in Australia, which although it turned out, was not as advertised, I am glad I tried. I quickly returned to North America and got offered a quick 6-month consulting job in Charlotte, where I have been working ever since (going on 4 years now). We started working on Hadoop in earnest after the Dataworks conference last year, so it is really cool to be coming back as a speaker this year to share what we have done and learned."

Speaker Bio: Lance Richey

"My interest and work in the last 15 years has been in Healthcare.  I was first exposed to the promise of what the Hadoop eco system could do with our every growing pile of data during my time at Premier Inc.  While at Carolinas Healthcare I had the opportunity to get my hands dirty with Hadoop using the Microsoft Azure environment.  I was not that sure about Azure at the time but it has proved useful environment for more things beyond Hadoop.  

Working in the oncology space at Carolinas is  challenging and rewarding."


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