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Charleston, SC /

This company profile was submitted by a community member. While the information is believed to be accurate, it was not posted by an official representative of Ezzely Inc. and should be regarded in that light. If you are aware of incorrect information posted here or if you are a representative of Ezzely Inc. who would like to assume control of this profile, please contact us.

Ezzely Inc.

Ezzely Helps Staff Interact To Enhance Your Business

  • Founded: 2017
  • Employees: 1
  • Phone: 888-585-9978
  • Email:
  • 208x110 Address:

    1261 Lincoln Ave. Suite 211
    San Jose, CA 95125

Ezzely is an integrated employee engagement app that facilitates communication in various ways:

• Ezzely’s Activity Feed makes intra-company communication simple and quick.
• Ezzely’s Survey Feature creates an instantaneous way to take the pulse of your organization.
• Ezzely’s Document Upload lets you keep all your employees’ important documents online and accessible anytime from your dedicated Ezzely archive.
• Ezzely’s Shift Swap allows employees to request shift swaps and lets employers review and approve them – employees receive swap notifications on their device as and when approval is received.

Visit the Ezzely website to learn more, request a demo or to start your 15-day free trial.