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Buffalo, NY /

Peter Shanley - "Lean Leadership"

d!g 640 Ellicott Street Buffalo, NY 14203 (map)

 **Doors to the Innovation Center lock at 5:00pm. I will be letting people in5:30-6:00, but if they are late and need to be let in after 6:00pm- they can call the desk 716.218.7357**

We will be welcoming Buffalo native, Peter Shanley, from Neo in SF to talk with our local tech/startup community. The event will be free and open to the public!

In todays creative economy, "Management" has a negative connotation for a reason. Management is a science that extracts efficiency out of stable and well understood systems (ex: supply chains). Leadership is required when dealing with the risk of unknowns, when you need to bring new insights to bear to solve a problem (ex: innovation in a changing world).

A balance of freedom and control is essential to unleash the creativity that drives modern capitalism. Too much control stifles efficient problem solving, too much freedom opens the doors for expansive solutions that don't have market fit.

With its focus on Outcomes vs. Output, Lean Startup Methodologies can help lead teams to success, surfacing risk early and providing data to guide future decision making. The talk will include case study examples working to bring new ventures and value to market at Yahoo! Brickhouse, the startup, HP Labs, and Neo Innovation.

Peter's Bio:

Peter Shanley

Principal, Neo

Peter has a passion for customer-centered product design and organizational change, having worked in both large enterprises and startups to bring new ventures to market. He held intrepreneurial roles at Yahoo! Brickhouse and HP Labs/Snapfish, and he led a strategic pivot at the startup He is a graduate of School 54, Olmstead West, City Honors and Yale College. 


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