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Buffalo, NY /

ONE MORE TRY ON September 13 - Database Seminar, Oracle RAC and Exadata

UB North Campus, Davis Hall Room 113A 1 White Rd , Amherst, NY 14228 (map)

This is a reschedule of the cancelled June 14 event.

This meetup will be at 7PM on Wednesday, September 13, 113A Davis Hall on the UB North Campus.

Clustering, Replication, Oracle RAC and Exadata

Bob Lettau, AdvizeX delivery consultant will talk both conceptually and in some detail about the benefits of having distinct memory structures on different servers accessing the same data in real time, in which to process SQL (reporting and Data manipulation) and/or execute packages, procedures, jdbc applets, jobs, etc. Since he is an Oracle DBA, he will be discussing features of Oracle's RAC (real application clusters) and Exadata. You should find this discussion valuable and interesting even if you don't think you can afford Oracle.

Brief speaker bio: I was originally educated to be an Accountant. After a couple of years in Accounting, I began teaching PC application classes at Bryant and Stratton. Since 1993, I have been involved with Oracle databases in some fashion, initially in consulting. I have spent most of my time at Thomson Reuters (17 years) as an Senior Oracle DBA, before getting back into consulting.   

Davis Hall is on White Rd, not far from the Bookstore. The Jarvis B lot is just across the road. No parking permit is required after 3PM.

Sponsors for this season are EngineYard ( and Stark and Wayne ( We will continue our tradition of light refreshments at 7:00 with the presentation at 7:15.

Please rsvp ( so we know how many are coming. (Also, if there are any last minute announcements they will be sent to those who have rsvp'd and members of the BuffaloData google group.)

Please, please rsvp as early as you can. Because our speaker will be coming from Rochester, I will want to make sure we will have a decent attendance.

Also, we are going to try something new at the next few meetups. From 7:00 to 7:15 there will be an open floor for anyone to give a short talk on a loosely related topic that may be of interest to the group. This could be a lightning talk, an appeal for help from the group, or just to share something interesting. Without slides is best, but slides will be allowed. Obvious advertisements, or pandering may be met with tomatoes.


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