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Buffalo, NY /

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Buffalo Game Space

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    175 Brompton Rd., Tonawanda, NY

BGS started as a simple google group back in 2012. Before then, most the indie developers in Western New York worked in Silos, wondering if they were one of just a handful of people in the area interested in game development. Since then, BGS has grown tremendously, thanks to the work and donations of local sponsors and volunteers. We have a terrific place to meetup, share experience, technology, learn about the trade, or just hang out and play some games.

Buffalo Game Space 2495 Main Street, Suite #454 , Buffalo, NY 14214 (map)
Quiplash, Fibbage, Drawful - the Jackbox Party packs have some fantastic games, and you can come play them at BGS Arcade! Join us for an evening of multiplayer Party Games, hoste... (more)

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