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Buffalo, NY /

TIME SWAP: Legal Services for Coding Lessons

Kyle Marler wrote

My name is Kyle Marler and I'm a Buffalo-based attorney with 3+ years of experience in tech: startup formation, IP, etc. 

I'm looking to learn how to code, and I'm willing to trade legal services for coding lessons.... I realize that is a vague ambition, but I'm not really positive on the best platform (language) to learn as a newb. (Python? Java? Ruby?)

Hit me up if you think you may be interested. I'm sure we can work something out.

Also, if there are any members of this group who may have suggestions on other venues where I might be able to accomplish my objective, please share!



Darin Chambers wrote

Hey Kyle,

Glad you are looking at learning how to code.  The number of resources available to help you with this goal are amazing.

Do you know what your goals are?  Are you interested in general learning or do you have a goal in mind like building a web site or programming a data processing engine?  Your goal for programming can help people guide you towards the best language / system to learn.

One of the best places to start is over at Code Academy   Starting with one of their "Learn to code while building a real project" is a rewarding way to start out as you get visual feedback with real results while just starting out.

I'd be glad to glad to help you out, lets meet up for a "lunch and learn".