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Buffalo, NY /

Lessons in Ethical Development I Learned from Star Wars

UB North Campus, Davis Hall Room 113A 1 White Rd , Amherst, NY 14228 (map)

Our speaker will be Jamey Hampton

Star Wars fans may have been excited about 2016’s release of Rogue One because of the courageous new rebel characters it introduced, but it also provided a lot more insight into the Empire's Corp of Engineers and how they ended up building the Death Star. As developers, we have a responsibility to think about the ethical implications of our work and how it might be used. This session will discuss ways of deciding for yourself what kinds of projects you are or aren't comfortable working and tips for self-accountability in your career - through the lens of characters we know and love from Star Wars.

Jameson Hampton is a non-binary adventurer located in the heart of the West side of Buffalo, NY. Jameson is an artist who turned into a programmer after one too many animation classes that were computer science classes in disguise. They're a developer with experience in Rails, React and android development, and they love writing code because they love solving puzzles. They’re currently working as a professional plant-liker (and senior software engineer) for Agrilyst, a startup that’s doing data analysis and crop management for indoor farms. They previously worked as a contractor, working on projects such as Medicapt, a Human Rights Tulip award nominated mobile app to help physicians in third world countries to collect medical evidence of sexual violence crimes in order to increase prosecution. They also speak at conferences, particularly about transgender advocacy and engineering ethics. They're also a comics and tabletop gaming writer in their spare time!

Spoiler Alert: There will be references to the plot of Rogue One and potentially any of the other Star Wars movies during this presentation.

Potential Room Change Warning: This has been a popular talk in other venues. If the RSVP count gets high we may need to move the talk to a larger room on North Campus. Any changes will be published in the Comment section below, @buffalodata on Twitter, and in our Google Forum.


We'll meet on Wednesday, February 13, 2019 at 7:00 PM at the University at Buffalo Davis 113A. We'll have light refreshments and some limited swag.

Davis Hall is on White Rd, not far from the Bookstore. The Jarvis B lot is just across the road. No parking permit is required after 3PM.

The floor will be open from 7:00 to 7:15 PM for anyone that would like to give a lightning talk.

Sponsors for this season are Stark and Wayne ( and Engine Yard (


Twitter: @buffalodata

Google Groups:!forum/buffalodata



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