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Buffalo, NY /

Intro to Functional Programming and Elm

Pointman LLC 403 Main Street, Ste 200 , Buffalo, NY (map)

Hello again JavaScripters!

We have another (yes, ANOTHER!) summer meetup planned for you, focusing on Functional Programming and the Elm langauge. We'll be meeting on Monday, July 16th at Pointman LLC.

Phil Wade from Campus Labs is presenting:

Elm is an exciting new language for building fast and resilient front end web applications. For this talk, I'll be giving a high level overview of Elm and an introduction to functional programming concepts.

Functional programming is that hot paradigm that that one person at your company won't shut up about (hint: I'm that person.) I'll talk about the practical reasons you might choose Elm and a functional style and why it's fun! We'll go through basic language syntax and review the structure of an application or two.

As usual, food & drinks will be provided, and we'll have a short time of announcements for those who ... you know ... have things to announce.

We hope to see you there!




Submitted by

Sean Sean Zawicki


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