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NextView Ventures

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    186 South St‎
    Boston, MA 02111

The venture capital industry is maturing much like the beer industry, with only two winning strategies emerging. On one hand, the mega-brands win on scale. Big brewers compete across multiple price points, geographies, and styles, much like large-scale VC’s compete across multiple geographies, sectors, and stages.

Alternatively, we've also seen an emergence of "craft brewers" in the VC market who pursue excellence with a focused approach and distinct style. As beer drinkers ourselves at NextView, we love micro brewers who are passionate about their craft, and work hard to create raving fans. We think most entrepreneurs feel the same way about their early-stage funding partners (and their beer).

We will invest in the best opportunities regardless of geography. But as hands-on investors, we focus mainly on the US east coast. We feel that it’s incumbent on us not just to be participants, but also meaningful contributors to the long term success of our ecosystem.

We are a focused investor, applying our efforts heavily on only a few opportunities at a time. We do not “spray and pray” nor “buy an option.” Rather, we treat each investment as a full allocation of our capital, time, and dedication.