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Boston, MA /

This profile was submitted by a community member. While the information is believed to be accurate, it was not posted by an official representative of Flybridge Capital Partners and should be regarded in that light. If you are aware of incorrect information posted here or if you are an representative of Flybridge Capital Partners who would like to assume control of this profile, please contact us.

Flybridge Capital Partners

More Information:
  • Relative Activity: Very High
  • Phone: 617-307-9292
  • 208x110 Address:

    500 Boylston Street, 18th floor, Boston, Massachusetts 02116

We are an early-stage venture capital firm with $560 million under management. Our goal is to find talented entrepreneurs and then partner with them to build exceptional and valuable companies. We focus on providing guidance and perspective in a complimentary way to the entrepreneurs we invest in and help them build connections to soar to the next level.

We invest in seed and early-stage, capital efficient companies in the consumer, energy, healthcare and information technology markets 

We invest in privately-held US start-up companies seeking capital to fuel growth and expand operations 

We are typically the first institutional investor in the company, and serve as the lead or co-lead