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Salesforce Summer 16 Release - Top 20 Features

Constant Contact 1601 Trapelo Road, Suite 329 , Waltham, MA 02451 (map)

With the new Summer 16 release, (API v37.0) Salesforce added a ton of new features to the both Salesforce Classic & Lightning Ex.

My friend and a fellow MVP Jitendra Zaa wrote a blog on his top 20 features and I feel that all the devs must know what they are.

For our upcoming Meetup let's discuss these top 20 features with examples

Clone Sandbox (Pilot)

New Trace Flags in Debug Log

User Provisioning support in Apex Test class

Tooling API now supports Test Level

Asynchronous web service callout supported by Named credential 

Skeleton Code for Global Apex Classes in Installed Managed Packages

Get a Map of Populated SObject Fields

Create Lightning Components with Configuration

Reference Static Resources with the $Resource Global Value Provider

Enhancements in existing Lightning Components

Salesforce Connect

Associate a contact with multiple Accounts

Create a Calendar from any Object

Custom Home page as per profile

Process Builder with multiple decision criteria 

Lightning Voice

Use System instead of Automated Case user

Flow component for Lightning App builder

User switcher in LEX interface

New Fields on User Object to detect Identification methods

if time permits, we can discuss other features as well.

Also, if anyone of you have implemented any or all of the above features, be prepared to talk about it. :) 

PS: Food is served. 


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