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The Secret Life of SQL: How to optimize database performance

Bryana Knight, an engineer on the platform-data team at GitHub, will present "The Secret Life of SQL: How to optimize database performance".

There are a lot of "best practices" in creating database indexes and queries that sometimes aren't "best practices" at all. Need all the users created this year? No problem! Slap an index over created_at and use a simple SELECT with a WHERE and you're all set! Now just active users? We'll just stick status on the end of that index and add an AND to that query! What about active OR pending users since January 1st, sorted by username? Are we still covered index-wise? Is our query even using that index? Is it as fast with twenty million users?

Database indexing and query crafting is more of an art than a science. There are a lot of rules of thumb we often follow that work the majority of the time, but not always. We'll discuss how to track down those exceptional cases and walk through real examples of when they work and when they don't. You'll leave so well equipped to optimize performance, you won't be able to get back to your app fast enough!

Bryana Knight is an engineer on the platform-data team at GitHub. Previously at WellMatch, Bryana has lots of experience writing Ruby, SQL, Ember and pair programming. She has lived in five different cities in the past eight years and enjoys traveling for work and for fun.

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