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gh-ost: triggerless, painless, trusted online schema migrations

Ike Walker, database architect at GitHub, presents "gh-ost: triggerless, painless, trusted online schema migrations".

gh-ost is a new tool by GitHub which changes the paradigm of MySQL online schema changes, designed to overcome today's limitations and difficulties in online migrations.

gh-ost is:

• Triggerless: no triggers placed 

• Pausable: can suspend master writes altogether 

• Lightweight: makes a low impact on the master database

• Controllable: one can interact with an executing gh-ost process, get info and reconfigure parameters

• Testable: gh-ost allows for testable, safe, non obtrusive migrations in production

• Designed to allow for multiple concurrent migrations

In this session I will:

• Introduce gh-ost, explain the reasoning for developing a new tool

• Describe the underlying logic

• Compare with existing online schema change tools

• Show off extra perks that make gh-ost operations so friendly

• Discuss the roadmap

gh-ost is open sourced under the MIT license

------------- Logistics -------------

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Free pizza and soda will be served, so please RSVP accurately.

To RSVP anonymously, please login to the Meetup site with the e-mail address "admin at sheeri dot com" and the password "guest". For more information, see:


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