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Boston, MA /

Broken Hearts w/ NG-Conf Rejections - Rico Dos Santos/Jeff and Madelyn Whelpley

Mcgraw-Hill Education 281 Summer St , Boston, (map)

Join us for a celebration of broken (speaker) hearts serving up some rejected talks from NgConf. We'll have all the best parts of a break-up, the supportive friends, the comfort food, making fun of the ex, without having to actually go through a break-up!


Communication Patterns and Component Architecture - Rico dos Santos


What is the best way for our Angular components to communicate with each other? Angular did away with scope from AngularJS and new we have redux. All set now, right? Not so fast (you might not need redux)!

When do we us @Inputs and @Outputs? Should we use Angular services? Observables? Angular router and even Angular forms can be used for cross-component communication but should we?

We often design components to be atomic, composable, configurable, reusable, and stateless. What affect does optimizing for these adjectives have on component communication. As we maximize composability for example, inputs and outputs are no longer an option. In this talk we will discuss some of these component architectures and the effects on communication patterns and their tradeoffs.


Rico dos Santos has been experimenting with component communication as the lead engineer for McGraw-Hill Education’s a11y friendly shared component library. He is a lover of all things JavaScript mv* and the proud father of 3 awesome boys (and ngx-datagrid).


Create Your Own Hacker Nebula - Jeff Whelpley/Madelyn Whelpley


Teaching kids to code can be really challenging. Kids generally have short attention spans and some of the technical concepts can be overwhelming. In this talk, Jeff and Madelyn will use their experience from running ng-club, an after school coding club for 8-year olds, to give you the tools necessary to overcome these challenges and help spark a burning passion for coding in young children. By the end of this talk, you will have everything you need to go back home and run your own ng-club in your local community for your children and their friends.


Jeff is the co-founder and CTO of GetHuman, a Google Developer Expert and co-organizer of the Angular Boston meetup. Madelyn is a 3rd grader at Roosevelt Elementary school in Melrose, MA. Her hero is Hermione Granger and she is the proud owner of every LOL toy on the planet.



6:00pm - Doors open for everyone; food and beverages available

7:00pm - Rico dos Santos talk

7:30pm - Jeff/Madelyn Whelpley talk

8:00pm to 8:30pm - Networking, clean-up, bye!


Address: 281 Summer Street - 7th Floor

Google Maps:



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