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Boston, MA /

July Greater Boston useR Meetup with Josiah Parry

WeWork One Beacon Street 1 Beacon Street 15th Floor, Boston, ma 02136 (map)

July Greater Boston useR Meetup

Recall a time where you sat listening to a song on repeat, keenly hearing the instrumentation, the rhythm, and the lyrics. Did the lyrics mean something to you? How did you interpret them?

In this talk, we will try to explore music quantitatively. We will apply text mining techniques to song lyrics and attempt to contextualize them quantitatively. We will explore tidy text analysis through the use of the geniusR and tidytext packages.

This talk will cover acquiring song lyrics, tidying text data, and performing sentiment analyses on entire albums.


Josiah Parry spends most of his time drinking espresso, and working as the Data Manager for NextGen America New Hampshire for this current election cycle. He will be beginning an MS in Urban Informatics at Northeastern this September.


WeWork One Beacon Street

WeWork is a community of creators. We transform buildings into collaborative workspaces. Our mission is to help companies grow by providing them with not just beautiful space but benefits, amenities, and community they need to focus on their business, all on very flexible terms. We currently have over 200,000 Members working out of our communities worldwide, and over 6,000 members here in Boston.


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