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Boston, MA /

Scala Community Brainstorming Session

Broad Institute 415 Main St , Cambridge, MA (map)

• What we'll do

This month, instead of a presentation, we're going to do something different: an informal get-together to talk about the Boston Scala community, the Meetup, and everything around them.

This isn't going to be highly structured: we'd like to hear what you care about and think. But here are a few topics we might include:

-- What would you like to hear about at the Meetups? How can we encourage folks to present?

-- What other sort of gatherings might be worthwhile?

-- Do we want other communication channels for the community?

-- How might we encourage diversity in the community?

-- How to help Scala-centric companies and engineers.

Everyone is welcome -- folks who are new to the language and experienced Scalawags alike. If you are interested in talking about the community, we'd love to hear from you. Please mention it to your colleagues, and encourage them to come along.

We're not going to cater this one, but feel free to bring your dinner along.

• What to bring

Dinner, if you would like

• Important to know


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