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Boston, MA /

Boston Amazon Web Services Meetup - Thursday, 6:30-9PM

LoginVSI Office - SUITE 3460 300 Trade Center , Woburn, MA (map)

* Thank you to BossNine for sponsoring food/drinks and presentations for this event.

* Thank you to Login VSI, Inc. for sponsoring the location.

Location Info:

* LoginVSI office (300 Trade Center, Woburn) the big blue glass building seen off 128 with Strega restaurant on the ground floor. *** SUITE 3460 ***

* Parking? There is ample parking in the parking garage located attached to the building. 3rd floor level gives you access to the hallway the LoginVSI office is located.

* Attendees will be ID-checked with the RSVP list. Please ensure your Meetup account is updated and reflects your proper name. Guests will need to be registered as well.

* RSVP will close the morning of the event.


** Topic: Selecting the right EC2 instance type for your workload.

Abstract: Using the wrong instance type can cost you as much as 50% more in the Cloud. In this session I’ll show you examples of testing various workloads, and how you can achieve cost efficiency and end user satisfaction in all phases of your deployment. Set aside your expectations. I’ve tested out numerous EC2 instance types so you don’t have to. We’ll discuss methodology, and I’ll show you how NUMA (Non- Uniform Memory Allocation) configuration can impact on your bottom line. The real-world density numbers will surprise you!

** Topic: Case study – Automating the launching of EC2 instances

Abstract: Hear how BossNine Technologies automated the launch and stop of EC2 spot instances. With this automation tool the user can specify the region where he wants the fleet to be launched, the AMI that the instance should run, the number of instances, the bid price for the instances, etc. Behind the scenes, this toolkit leverages Terraform to manage the state and resources. The tool was designed in a way that AWS fleets can be start-up/shut-down by someone who does not have strong AWS knowledge.

** Topic: Cloud security

Abstract: This session will cover topics related to DLP. In this session we will talk about the importance to gain the necessary visibility and control needed to secure various services within AWS. We will cover real-time visibility and control over identity and Access Management (IAM), enterprise DLP, and granular auditing for AWS. The session will also cover DLP for real-time activities to prevent sensitive data from being uploaded to instances in AWS.

Presenter: Brian Hebert, Sales engineer, Netskope Presenter: Brian Martynowicz - Managing Global Support Operations @ Login VSI | LinkedIn Publisher | Citrixology Blogger | Tech Lover


PLEASE: ONLY RSVP if you seriously plan to attend this Meetup. Many thanks!


Interested in sponsoring future Meetups (location/food) and presenting? Want to setup a vendor table at one of our meetups? Want to schedule a one-off event with the members of the Boston Amazon Web Services Meetup? Read on...

For ALL inquiries, first, go to the Boston Amazon Web Services Meetup Group site and view the 'About us...' section (left side). Most common questions about sponsorship/presenting are answered.

Important: Presentation topics should focus on AWS, and Not 3rd-party products.

Contact Mark Annati, the moderator, at [masked] with interest in sponsoring/presenting.

Thank you.


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