We believe that any city can be a hub of innovation, creativity and high-technology. Innovators are everywhere, we just need to find each other. Human ingenuity is unlimited and the places where we invent together can be too.

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We're a local community of developers, designers, hackers, hustlers, founders, freelancers, makers, mad-scientists, and more. We're the people who get stuff done. If you've ever stayed up too late making something just because, then this is where you belong.

In Buffalo, our tech/startup community was really starting to grow and gain momentum, but lacked a consolidated online presence. NextPlex was exactly what we were looking for a single view into our ecosystem.”

Dan Magnuszewski
Chief Pi, Z80 Labs
NextPlex/Buffalo Organizer

NextPlex has the highest signal-to-noise ratio of any local event or meetup site around. People who care about their community post events, and they find the same in their participants.”

Kevin Purdy
Tech Writer
NextPlex/Buffalo Member

NextPlex helps me keep a finger on the pulse of my local community. I can stay in contact with my colleagues, make relevant connections, and get involved in new ventures.”

Jordan Walbesser
IP Attorney
NextPlex/Buffalo Member