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Tech Valley, NY /

How Microsoft Bond and Google Protobuf work in everyday applications

Tyler Technologies 23 British American Blvd , Latham, NY 12110 (map)


JSON and XML are terms that have become second nature to developers.  Now-a-days you can’t create anything without some serialization/deserialization of data.  While both these methods are powerful, how do they stand up with big data and lots of traffic being sent over the wire?  Microsoft and Google have come up with frameworks for working with schematized data at such large scale.

We will be going over how Microsoft Bond and Google Protobuf work in everyday applications.  Along the way, we will also be comparing it side by side with JSON and XML to see if they really stand up to the hype.


Nathan Westfall is a software engineer primarily focused on Xamarin development.  Nathan has been developing for 6 years, but at the age of 22 has had some unique experiences such as

• Young enough to be everyone’s kid

• Working for companies that hire interns that are older than he is

• Working at Tyler tech with 12 years of school bus experience (as a student) 

•  Not knowing what it was like growing up without stack overflow

Don’t let this scare you from coming though.  It’s not every day you get a chance to yell at the presenter that you’re older and know more…


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