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Syracuse, NY /

What is Systems Engineering?

Syracuse Technology Garden 235 Harrison St Ste 209 , Syracuse, (map)

Systems Engineering is a wide and diverse field. It can encompass product architecture, define product features, writing requirements, doing product design and planning system or lower level tests. When done correctly, it can save money and time. When done poorly or not at all, the product is plagued with delays, scope creep, and disjointed. It leaves the customer with unmet expectations and frustration.

Topics to be covered:

• Systems Engineering for Product Development

• What is Systems Engineering?

• How good Systems Engineer can save costs, time, and schedule

• How Systems Engineering can be used in other disciplines (finance, IT, manufacturing).

• It’s not just about writing good requirements.

• Let’s walk through a drone or other design from a Systems Engineering perspective.

The presenter, Ken Samuelson, has been working in the field of Systems Engineering for over 20 years. His work has encompassed commercial, industrial and government air traffic and radar products. He has a radio control airplane and a number of quad copter drones. When not working he enjoys working on robotics and communications projects using, Raspberry Pi and Arduino controllers. Ken is also an adjunct Professor at Columbia College teaching Business Information Systems at the undergraduate and graduate level. He has four patents and holds a MBA and an undergraduate degree in Electrical Engineering.


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