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Syracuse, NY /

The Guild: The Rise and F̶a̶l̶l̶ Future of Syracuse's Hackerspace

RIT 20 Lomb Memorial Drive , Rochester, NY (map)

Morning everyone! It's been a while!

I'd like to invite everyone to a talk I'm going to be giving at BSides Rochester [1] on Saturday April 22nd at 3pm titled:

The Guild: The Rise and  F̶a̶l̶l̶ Future of Syracuse's Hackerspace

In this presentation (which will take up a 20-25 minute slot) I'm going to share my thoughts on the group's history, focusing on the groups accomplishments and failures as a whole, not mentioning any specific individuals or roles. Essentially I'd like to simply discuss our journey, and relay what other groups like ours can do in the future to yield some of the same positive results that we did, while avoiding the mistakes.

But you can help!!! If you have any quality content to share, especially photos and videos, it'd be great to included that in the presentation. Additionally if you can attend the talk on the 22nd, I'd like to hold a short panel discussion with the guild members there, so that we can all share / talk about our experiences and what we'd have done the same / differently.

Hope everyone can make it!



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