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Seattle, WA /

Travel Hacker Workshop with Jet Set Lisette

extraSlice The Place for Tech 3600 136th PL SE Suite # 300 , Bellevue, WA 98006 (map)

A long time travel junkie and frequent flyer mile aficionado – I decided in October 2012 to try some serious “travel hacking” techniques I had read about online, taking advantage of the incredible credit card travel rewards available in the US. Amazingly, they worked.


Over the next 12 months I racked up more than 1 million frequent flyer miles and hotel points, and have consistently stayed above the 1 million mile/point mark since then. To date I have saved roughly $75,000 in airline and hotel costs. One highlight of my early free travel adventures was staying in a $1200 USD/night Conrad Hilton hotel in Portugal for free. Over the last 12 months I’ve traveled to Japan, Europe, Argentina, New Zealand, Mexico, Hawaii, Denver, Tucson, NYC and a few other destinations in the United States for almost nothing. And I currently still have over a million miles/points at my disposal.

People started asking me to share my travel secrets with them, and in 2013 I started teaching “travel hacker” workshops. Many of my past workshop attendees have racked up hundreds of thousands of miles and have made their dream travel a reality.

During my workshop I’ll share with you:

My travel hacking research (saving you time)

Tips and tricks I’ve discovered along the way

Current best ways to rack up bonus miles/points

Online resources

Award tracking tools

Useful tools to help you work the credit card system without damaging your credit score, paying interest or annual fees, or incurring credit card debt

After only two hours, you’ll be armed with enough knowledge to begin earning more miles/points than you could ever imagine. Come learn how to travel around the world FOR FREE. REGISTER TODAY!

Jet Set Lisette’s travel hacker workshop has changed my life. I attended one of the first workshops in November 2013. The systems and techniques I learned were easy to apply and have opened up the world to my family. My wife and I opened several cards right away and easily racked up several hundred thousand award miles by early 2014. Within six months, we flew our family of four to California for spring break for almost free, along with 5 of 7 nights free at our hotel. This saved us about $2,000. But we were just getting started. Immediately after getting our first bonus miles with one airline in early 2014, we booked two round trip, non-stop tickets from Seattle to Paris for the middle of summer 2014, valued at $4,850 in total. Each ticket was worth $2,425, and yet we paid just $90 each thanks to travel hacking. For our upcoming 3-week trip to Germany in summer 2016 we easily booked five round trip, non-stop tickets between Seattle and Germany for our family and a friend. These five tickets were valued at $10,000 and we paid just $590 for all five. You can have this too, it’s all there for the taking and isn’t very hard to do. There is no catch. Our credit rating has even gone up since we open cards and pay them off easily just making everyday purchases we might have done with our debit cards before. Taking Lisette’s class on travel hacking will be the best money you ever spend, if affordable travel is important to you.

– Cary W.


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