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Seattle, WA /

Technical Interview Mastery Training

extraSlice The Place for Tech 3600 136th PL SE Suite # 300 , Bellevue, WA 98006 (map)

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Are you a software engineer looking for a new job?

Are you typically nervous and sometimes even frustrated by technical interviews?

Are you afraid that there is so much competition out there that you won't be able to get hired for the job you really want? You hear things like, more and more younger professionals are out in the market, the technology is changing so rapidly, more software professionals are moving to the Seattle area - and you wonder: Will I ever get a job at Google, Tableau, Microsoft or [insert any other company of your dreams]...?

Sometimes technical interviews can be very tough, other times it's the mere pressure of being there can cause you performance anxiety and sabotage you getting an offer.

Come and join us for this special workshop to improve your presentational, performance and technical skills, and ultimately gain all the confidence you need to pass the technical interview at the company of your dreams.

Unlike many other similar workshops and classes out there, this workshop is intentionally kept small - 12 participants max - to give each and every one of you individual attention. Not only there will be other software engineers testing you on your technical skills, you will also have a chance to work with a professional career coach who can help you with your performance and presentation.


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