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Rochester, NY /

Reconnect Rochester

Let's reconnect Rochester for a better city.


  • 370_wi150_he150_cr1_1.1231203781 John Lam

    software developer and project manager for enterprise computing

We see transportation costs in our area rising while families struggle to save money. Millennials are moving to hip cities where they can live without a car. Meanwhile retirees seek to remain active in their communities as they age—moving to more walkable neighborhoods with excellent access to public transit.

Our world is changing around us, and Rochester needs to get ahead of the curve. Our streets must be made safer and attract people to walk and bike—and public transit needs to become more competitive with driving. In short, we must rebalance our transportation network.

We can’t rely on our elected officials and policy makers to do this alone, and this is why we do what we do. As an all volunteer, non-profit organization, Reconnect Rochester works to build a more sustainable transportation network for greater Rochester.