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Rochester, NY /

Intro to Git & GitHub

Brand Networks, Inc. 61 Commercial Street #200 , Rochester, NY (map)

About the class:

Ever make changes that broke your code and forgot how it was working before? Want to work together with someone on a code project, but aren't sure who has the latest version of a particular file? Version control can solve these and many other problems! 

Version control is an essential skill for any web or software developer to manage their code base, keep track of changes, and coordinate major revisions with other team members. Git is the fastest growing and most popular open source version control system used today. It's useful whether you are working on a large distributed team or working on smaller personal projects.

This session will introduce the basics of version control, how to use Git to keep track of your changes to a project, and using GitHub (a social code hosting service) to collaborate with other developers.


Class Overview:

The session will be just over 2 hours long and will be broken up into two sections:

Section 1 (one hour) : 

• Basic concepts of version control 

• Basics of the command line interface

Section 2 (one hour) : 

• Introduction to Git & Git commands. 

• Setting up your Github account - Creating your first Repo

Want to try Git before the class? Github has a 15-minute tutorial you can go through on your own here.



This class will not use actual code when committing to a GitHub repository, so no need to worry about knowing a particular programming language. A willingness to use the command line to execute commands is necessary. We will be learning how to change directories, list directory contents, and learning how to use git from command line throughout the class.


Your Teacher:

Josh Kramer, GDI Core member and instructor

Josh Kramer is a web developer with a passion for creating enjoyable user experiences. He enjoys being outdoors and clean, well-commented code. Josh spends most of his free time distance running and playing quidditch (yes, the game from Harry Potter, and it's pretty intense!).

Teaching Assistants: Valentina Peric 


Tech Requirements:

Your laptop. Note: A netbook or tablet is NOT a substitute.

A modern browser with either Chrome and the "Web Developer" extension or Firefox and Firebug installed.

A text editor. We recommend Sublime Text 3 (It's free and available for both Mac and PC).



Our mission is to provide affordable programs for adult women so please fill out Scholarship Application if you are interested in the class but cannot afford it! Scholarship approval takes place at least 48 hours before the course.


The one-time registration gains you access to the class. No refunds.

All attendees are expected to abide by the Girl Develop It Code of Conduct

Please message us here or email us at <a>[masked]</a> for any questions.<a></a>


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