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Raleigh-Durham, NC /

Intro to Vue.js - The Progressive JavaScript Framework

Applied Information Sciences 4721 Emperor Blvd, Suite 350 , Durham, NC (map)

This talk will provide a tour of Vue.js, a frontend development framework that has quickly gained popularity for its approachability and flexibility in supporting projects of all sizes. We will look at how Vue enables us to implement a simple widget using vanilla JavaScript or create a fully featured Single Page Application with all the bells and whistles of a modern JS framework, including webpack precompilation, flux state management, and hot module reloading. Most importantly, we will emphasize the 'progressive' nature of Vue by showing how its features are gradually adoptable, making it easy to suit Vue to any project's size and complexity requirements. Additionally, we will see how Vue stacks up against its top competitors and show that it is lighter, faster, and more intuitive than React or Angular 2 without losing major functionality.

Speaker Bio:

Max North is a Software Engineer working at Applied Information Sciences in RTP. He enjoys every layer of the web stack, often using .NET on the backend, though he reserves a particular passion for the frontend, including UX, design, and accessibility. In his free time he is usually spoiling his free time by reading about programming, but on his better days he is spending quality time with his girlfriend and cats.


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