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Email Marketing

The Frontier RTP 800 Park Offices Dr , Durham, (map)

We all know we need to "build the list" and that email consistently ranks at the top of the sales channels. However, email marketing can be one of the least appreciated specialties in your business.

As I was putting together the panel for this month, I ran into several hurdles. Some people suggested that email is a part of almost every online marketing specialty. Others said that email is far too basic for someone to list as a credential on their resume.

Personally, I think that when 60% of internet marketers believe email outperforms social media - this is a very important specialty worth discussing. With higher reach, better click rates, and greater conversions than social media, you better get your email marketing right.

We are going to have a panel discussion to talk about:

• What are the best practices when creating email drip campaigns?

• How can I use email marketing to increase event attendance?

• How can referrals and testimonials be generated with email marketing?

• How can I build my email list through my website and social media?

• How do you split test your email campaigns?

• How to split test optin offers?

• What optin CTA works best?

• Any questions the audience brings to the event (you can also tweet your questions @SEOmeetup during the live stream)

This month, we will be discussing email marketing with a panel of experts from Red Hat, Citrix, and Bandwidth.

Nout Boctor-Smith

Nout (rhymes with fruit) is an email Marketing Manager at Red Hat. She learned all about email marketing from seven years of marketing experience, including ecommerce, b2b, b2c, and agency life. Email coding and strategy is her passion, because she is a glutton for punishment.

When Nout is not immersed in email marketing, she hanging out with her three cats or going thrifting around Durham and Raleigh.

Ryan O'Shea

Ryan O'Shea is Marketing Technology & Operations Programs Manager at Citrix, where he runs the execution of marketing campaigns including email, nurture, webinars and more.  Throughout his career, Ryan has focused on customer behavior to deliver engaging campaigns with optimized results. A native North Carolinian, and graduate of NC State University, Ryan has worked in various digital marketing roles over the last 12 years at several local tech companies such as QlikTech, Sony Ericsson, Nortel, Cisco, Lenovo and Citrix.

Tyler Crumpler

Tyler is a a Marketing Automation Architect at Bandwidth where he manages and creates omni-channel marketing campaigns. This includes nurture campaigns, ABM, email, webinar and social outreach. Prior to Bandwidth, Tyler worked at Citrix with Ryan working on email campaigns and strategy.

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Oak City Tech is active in our local Raleigh-Durham-Chapel Hill community. We donate time to local non-profit organizations, volunteer at STEM expos, host networking events, and help tend to community gardens. We are also actively involved in helping the next generation of entrepreneurs through hosting tech meet ups as well as the Google for Entrepreneurs program. We participate in events like the Black Founders Durham event. Now, we're the venue sponsor for this Raleigh SEO Meetup event.

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