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Raleigh-Durham, NC /

The Internet of Things: You Only Live Twice?

UNC-TV 10 T.W. Alexander Drive , Research Triangle Park, NC (map)

Imagine a world where you can change the lights in your living room by using an app on your smartphone, or where you can lock/unlock your doors remotely through your computer. 

The Internet of Things is the process of connecting everyday objects and appliances to the internet, creating a network built into our day-to-day lives. This technology allows us to streamline tasks and more accurately quantify human action through the data that are collected.

Many objects we use today are already a part of the Internet of Things, such as the Fitbit, the Apple Watch, and your smartphone to name a few. 

But what does this mean for nonprofits? How will this technology change how we work?

Whether you're curious about IoT or deeply rooted in it, we hope you'll join us for this conversation.

We'll have networking and pizza at 6:30 pm with our discussion topic to follow at 7:00 pm.




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