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Raleigh-Durham, NC /

Triangle Drupal meetup - Drupalcon Recap

American Underground @ Main (The Vault) 201 W Main St, Suite 100 , Durham, NC (map)

Per the annual tradition, we'll have a round-table discussion of Drupalcon Baltimore. There was a substantial Triangle-area North Carolina contingent who attended this year, and should prove for a lively and valuable discussion.

Given that, we'll gather around and provide some structure to the conversation in advance to give everyone some airtime. We'll have pizza ready at 6:30 and start the official discussion at 7:00 for about 75 minutes.

The topics

Technology - (20-30 minutes)

What were some of the most discussed technologies? What are some trends we should be paying attention to? What does the present and future of Drupal look like? Community - (15-25 minutes)

What was the vibe of the community @ Drupalcon? Is it growing, shrinking, neither? How have the governance and Crell discussions matured, changed? Grab bag (15-25 minutes)

Questions from TriDUGers who did not attend. Any other reflections that don't fit into the two categories above from attendees. In advance of the meetup, come with some questions for the last section. Add them to comments or leave them in the #TriDUG channel on


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