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Pittsburgh, PA /

Everything’s Made Up … And The Points Don’t Matter

UPMC Enterprises 6425 Penn Avenue, #200 (Bakery Square) , Pittsburgh, PA (map)

• What we'll do

Rick Pollick will present and lead discussion that aims to address the following main points regarding metrics:

• What are metrics?

• Are they useful / dangerous?

• What now?

The goal of this presentation is to give a general overview of how various metrics are used (specifically in an agile environment) and juxtapose their benefits/shortcomings. Ultimately, this presentation/discussion will address how to choose the right metrics.

The presentation will pull information from different industry resources to both explain and exemplify various metrics/techniques. Using the information from these resources, various case studies and discussion points will be considered. Examples of good and bad uses of metrics will be discussed; with an emphasis on key points for employing the best methods of recording metrics for a given team or process.

The information presented will also explain how good methods of recording metrics and data can contribute to teams’ success. The presentation will discuss how to define the right goals and stay on track, while monitoring team progress and health. This presentation will paint a general picture of how metrics can be a useful tool - when utilized correctly. Focusing on what is important should be the determining factor for employing various methods/techniques for recording, reviewing, and managing any type of metrics data. Discussion around useful/non-useful metrics will be encouraged following the presentation.

Rick Pollick, MBA, CSM

Rick Pollick is currently a ScrumMaster for three teams at UPMC Enterprises.

He has previously worked in project management, as well as development & analyst roles at companies including Dick’s Sporting Goods, BNY Mellon, and ThermoFisher.

Rick is enthusiastic about agile methodologies and how to unlock teams’ potential. He hopes to use his experience, in both technical and business areas, to contribute to his teams and the wider agile community.

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