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Pittsburgh, PA /


SMARTSolution Technologies 831 West North Avenue , Pittsburgh, (map)

Topic and Synopsis:

Do your awesome, talented team members sometimes seem like they can't get anything done? Do you have a team of rock stars with high potential, who never seem to get ahead, nor get better? Or do you perhaps have people with rock star potential who struggle to shine?  Might any of these categories actually apply not only to your team but YOU?

The problem here is not complicated and the solution is simple. It boils down to CONFIDENCE!

Anthony DeLuca, Senior Project Manager at Summa, is going to draw upon his gained confidence of 20+ years developing technology solutions to explain to each of you why this is so important. Included in his message will be valuable steps you can take to maximize you and your team’s untapped potential. You may ask, what does this have to do with Agile? It is actually the point of Agile and is even implicitly reflected in the Agile manifesto. Come to find out more!

Anthony's  bio: 

Anthony DeLuca is a Senior Project Manager at Summa Technologies. In his quest to “know it all”, he has learned a “percentage of it all” through working over 22 years in a variety of roles on a variety of projects that are part of several diverse industries. He has many stories to tell. A fun fact many technology folks do not know about Anthony is that he actively plays bass guitar in multiple regional rock bands and has done so for almost 30 years!


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