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Pittsburgh, PA /

We can no longer find the linked resource for this event. It may have been canceled or the linked website may be experiencing problems.

Laravel Workshop

Code & Supply Community Center 5648 Friendship Ave, 3rd Floor , Pittsburgh, PA 15206 (map)

#Let's Save Some Critters!

In this workshop, we're going to use Test Driven Development and the amazing Laravel framework to build a web app for HugsForBugs, a not-for-profit insect adoption organzation that I just made up!

Starting with an empty directory, we'll build a well-structured, test-backed, fully-functional web app in no time at all. Our app will have everything; real-time interactions, payments, photo uploads, command-line tools, user notifications, you name it.

We're going to learn all about the build tools, the request lifecycle, authorization and access control, writing tests (unit, feature, and even automated browser), scheduling jobs, and so much more!

If we have time, we'll even look at some tools that make deployment to a real live server a snap.

All you'll need to follow along is a computer that can handle the common Laravel requirements. If you're on a Mac, a Homebrew install of PHP + MySQL should suffice. If you're on a PC, I recommend Homestead, Laravel's pre-packaged Vagrant box. Or just come and pair with someone who has a machine while you help navigate the docs (pairing is caring, don't you know!).


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