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Pittsburgh, PA /

ASL Saturday Practice Sessions

TechShop Pittsburgh 192 Bakery Square Blvd , Pittsburgh, (map)

These sessions will be very casual , no judging, no pressure. Whether you are deaf, hearing, hard of hearing, fluent in sign, absolute beginner, or just curious about this amazing and beautiful language everyone is welcome. The structure of the sessions will be :

Finger Spelling practice

Open Vocab Practice using ASL Pro

Viewing a short ASL Video (These will be sourced from the many of the excellent ASL instructional and storytelling YouTube Channels devoted to ASL. Each Session will show a different video.)

Sign Story Telling (Everyone tells a short story about there week, a funny event that took place, a joke, lines from a favorite film, song lyrics, and so on.)

Finger Spelling Game (If time allows)

ASL Conversation (If time allows)


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